Vancouver and Alaska Cruise July 2016 for months……ready to go!

An Alaskan cruise has been on the Bucket List for a long time. We’ve been saving it as one of the less physically demanding activities that we’ve wanted to accomplish when we “get older”. Somehow, it bubbled up in 2016, and I’m glad it did.

In hindsight, we were extremely fortunate to have gotten to Turkey, which is in the midst of a military coup, as I write this blog; Greece has suffered the past few years; etc, etc, etc.

It’s time for something different! – so, we are scheduled to be in Vancouver, British Columbia from July 15th, and board on of our favorite ships, the Chystal Serenity on July 17th for a 10-day round trip Alaskan cruise.

To learn more about the cruise, please read about it HERE.


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