Do you provide reviews for your Consultants?

On a purely business level, you probably do not need to provide a performance review for your Consultant(s), as their contract most likely protects you from suffering the consequences of an inadequate performer. The reward for a “meets” or “exceeds” performance expectations is that the Consultant is allowed to fulfill the term of the engagement, and may be invited back for another. There is also the potential for a recommendation, which is always appreciated.

I am currently in the 10th month of a Consulting engagement, and felt a slight pang as managers and their direct reports are going through the ritual of the annual reviews. Having lived in that culture for over 30 years, I found myself missing it.

This afternoon, my manager called me into his office for a chat.

  • I like the way you interact with people
  • All your internal clients have great things to say about you and want to work with you
  • Most of all, you make me look good

Simple and to the point. I like this review process.


It’s All About the Customer – well, it should be

Whether your Customer is external or internal, it “should” all be about the customer.

Do you remember that phrase, “If you don’t take care of your Customer, someone else will?” Do you believe it? I do.

Yet, I am still amazed at the number of establishments and businesses, that for whatever reason, do not embrace that philosophy. I am a regular Hertz Customer, largely because I always believed in their superior Customer Service – until recently. During a recent family vacation, In Orlando, we were about to pile into our rented van for a trip to see Mickey, and the battery in the key fob – the only access to the vehicle, died. Hertz’ solution to MY problem was less than satisfactory, at the time. Now, in my mind, Hertz has fallen in par with all the other rental companies.

The problem is probably more prevalent with service organizations within a company, where people don’t think of their fellow employees or internal departments as “Customers”. That attitude eventually catches up to them, in terms of corporate performance, departmental performance, individual performance, and continuation of a culture problem. Everyone loses.

Yes, I am a proponent of the Customer – notice that I capitalize Customer, all the time, to re-inforce that belief.

Zach Ertz – I like this kid

Who is Zach Ertz? He is the Eagles rookie tight end, who is physically talented, at 6’5″ and 250 pounds, good hands, good speed, and a super-fantastic attitude. He had 36 receptions during the regular season, averaging 13 yards per catch. Not shabby.

And, he has confidence. “I want to make Pro Bowls, do all the great things.” The quote I like most is this, “I think I can contribute to the team in a multitude of ways.” Why do I like that quote? Because it is the way I think of myself.

Have a super-fantastic day! Go Eagles!