2016-11-27 Sun Day of Rest

One of the quirks that appears in a review or two of the Sheraton were the pipes. Yes, the pipes, and the loud noise they make – loud as in scary loud. Fortunately, people’s showers ended by 10pm or so, and we had peace pipes.

Gorgeous sunrise over the city this morning. Rise and shine!

Colorful Sunrise
Colorful Sunrise

Alison and I went down for breakfast. The AC was turned on and even the wait staff was wearing coats, but we had a Super-Fantastic waitress, and a good experience. I asked the restaurant manager/supervisor how they dress grits in Memphis, and she walked me through putting together samples of “sugar grits” and “cheese grits”. Both are acceptable, and can now say that I know how to eat grits that I enjoy. We ventured out into a very quiet Sunday morning for a walk, but didn’t stray more than a few blocks and avoiding town characters on the street.

Marion and Barry woke and we met them on the 18th floor lounge and had coffee while they ate. It is always good to see them. After catching up, we stopped at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby and ventured out on our walk to Beale Street. It was still cool, but nice for a walk. Beale Street was still quiet, but it was easy to imagine what it would be like on a busy night.

We stopped at BB King’s Blues Club for lunch, including a Po Boy sandwich, some brisket sliders, a delicious paper cup of cole slaw shared four ways, and then banana bread pudding with caramel sauce for desert – and a delicious apple beer to go with it all.

A band set up on stage and we hung around almost an extra hour to listen to them. Great sounds!

BB King Blues Cafe for lunch and live music
Elvis memorialized on the Beale Street sidewalk

Back at the hotel, we stopped at the American Steamship information desk to validate instructions for Monday morning. This should be interesting – our primary baggage go in one direction at 8AM, and the people, depending on class of passenger, go at 10:30 from a particular meeting room – and above all that is whether you are doing the Graceland Tour or not – which we are.

Definitely time for a nap!

Alison and I accepted an invitation to join Marion and Barry for a pre-dinner bottle of wine up in their room. Always fun. Right around 6:30 we wandered down for our 1.4 mile trip to Central BBQ – recommended by two very disparate sources as one of the best BBQ restaurants in Memphis, “where the locals go”. I downloaded the Uber app, just in case. This would be our first experience. Cross your fingers. and either take a cab or Uber.

The hotel had a taxi right there, so we took it. Marion said the cabbie broke at least 3 traffic laws during the 1.4 mile trip! – I counted only 2 before I stopped counting. Central BBQ was a great experience. The people were nice, and the food was good. We each shared half-racks “slathered”, baked beans, onion rings, a salad. And, for desert, we M&B shared a caramel cake and Alison and I shared a slice of peanut butter pie.

How to get back to the hotel? —- NOT a taxi!  The Uber app was very easy to use, and Antonio was there to pick us up in under 5 minutes. Normally an 18-wheeler long haul driver, Antonio drives Uber in his down time. The taxi was $15+tip. Uber was $7.85+tip, and a much better experience. No brainer, we’ll do it again.

That’s it for the day……. Tomorrow is another day, including Graceland and embarking on our American Steamboat Mississippi River Cruise.



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