I’m not the only one that relates sports to leadership style

The following article appeard in today’s Philadelphia Business Journal. While it does not reflect all my thinking, it does highlight that people matter, and relationships are critical to anyone’s leadership capability.


So much going on….

Happy belated New Year to everyone! I want to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

The Bond Family had a super-fantastic Christmas and New Year holiday, with all the grandchildren on deck. We had the annual pilgrimage to Longwood Gardens, and added the Deleware Children’s Museum to the list this year. And what a Christmas – wearing shorts and t-shirts!

If you’ve read past blogs, you know that I like to pull leadership and management lessons from owners, coaches and team leaders. Chip Kelly was interesting in that he brought “innovation” and excitement to the Philadelphia Eagles, with his sports science, fast paced offense, and his brand of player. However, his handful of significant flaws led to his premature exit from Philadelphia. I took more notes from Jeffrey Laurie’s press conference on the firing, and the incessant talk radio chatter regarding the deposed coach than I gleaned during his three season reign. I’d better summarize those observations, so I can move into the Doug Pederson era.

I don’t know what to make of the Flyers this season, but the Phillies are in the midst of a major transition, as are the 76ers – in fact, their strategy of losing every game possible to ensure high draft picks seems like it is shifting with the infusion of some common sense, which I’m glad to see. We will see what comes from these developments.

2015 was a big year for eBay; divesting itself of PayPal, and, on November 2nd, selling eBay Enterprise, which was immediately broken into four, or more, companies. I work for the largest company, “OS” or Operations entity, owned by PE Firm Sterling Partners. We were in the midst of a good “Peak” season, so didn’t pay too much attention to what was happening with the separation. However, now, it is becoming much more personal. We won’t have a publically announced name for another couple months, and things will be changing, although I can’t tell you how. It is an unsettling time for many people. The one big rule has always been to Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – and it’s not happening, whether that’s by design or not.

Daughter Lauren’s department was relocated to the Philippines last year….leaving Lauren with an opportunity to change carreers. You will never guess. She spent the fall months studying project management, and obtained her Project Management Institute Certified Associate in Project Management certificate. Yay! In January, 2016, she commenced a new phase of her career by starting a five month curriculum in Commercial Diving. Wow. So far, so good.

My older daughters also have challenges ahead of them for 2016. It is fun to watch them grow, and I am certainly proud of their accomplishments.

In the constantly learning segment, I am also fortunate to have a team of family members that are all chipping in to make life for my Mother as super-fantastic as possible. It is not easy, and I fully appreciate and recognize the effort that goes in to making this endeavor successful.

I have no idea what 2016 will ultimately bring, but it will not be boring!