A day out of the office

It isn’t often that I get out of the office to expand the mind — like I used to. It’s a healthy exercise, and I strongly advise it.

Today was Day 1 of the 14th Annual Premier CIO Forum. I think I’ve attended more than 10 of them over the years.

Networking with long time friends and colleages is the number one highlight. I caught up with at least 10 people I hadn’t seen in months, and met a couple new acquaintances.

In terms of sessions:

* Opening Keynote: The Data Problem in 1960 and Today, by Jon Bachman, the son of the father of “the database”. Interesting story.

* Game Changing IT Trends: a FiveYear Outlook panel discussion was relatively low on game-changers, but high on discussion – including ways to engage our “youth” in the process.

* The Simple Solution to Your Complex Integration Challenges: Enterprise Service Bus 101 for .net. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.

* Social Knowledge: Organizational Currencies in the New Knowledge Economy. Ken Russell, PhD —— I enjoyed this luncheon keynote, and picked up an autographed copy of his short book. Now to read it.

* Business & IT Alignment: Evolving vs. Responding – panel discussion. Good panel, but not quite what I was looking for. I’m not sure what I gleaned from this discussion.

* What If – by Larry Snodgrass – Survivor of USAirways flight #1549 – the Miracle of the Hudson. If nothing else, this was a powerful story, punctuated by 20 or so pictures not shared via the media before. The story had the same happy ending, but we got a much closer look into the experience from a passanger point of view.

Tomorrow is the wrap for this two-day conference, held in King of Prussia. — I didn’t have to fly……….

Spring 2015 – it’s a Family Thing

Hello All –

Spring 2015 seemingly took its good ‘ol time arriving this year. And I think it’s finally at the point that it should be. Personally, I find Spring to be an inspirational time of the year.

There is a line from Snow Patrol’s song, Chasing Cars, that I took a liking to in the Spring of 2014: “Show me a garden that’s bursting into life”.

We are certainly enjoying the green lawns, freshly cleaned and mulched gardens, and newly planted vegetables. It’s been a VERY busy Spring, thus far. Like the gardens, I love to watch our grandchildren, from 1 to 6 years of age. And I enjoy watching their parents navigate the challenges of career, tending to the home, and raising these very precious little people.

And for some reason, while enjoying the fresh newness of the season, birthdays and anniversaries of those who have passed, have me sitting back and remembering enjoyable moments, and wishing / hoping they are able to look down upon us now.

Here is a sampling of what has transpired this Spring. Enjoy.

Leadership – Would you work for you?

Interesting piece by Vanessa Blare on LinkedIn’s Change Management Forum (5/3/2015)

On a simplistic level, she takes a quick look at “management” versus “leadership”, and we are in agreement.

I have always been comfortable with my “style”, which I feel brings out the best in those who want to contribute and grow.