Spring 2015 – it’s a Family Thing

Hello All –

Spring 2015 seemingly took its good ‘ol time arriving this year. And I think it’s finally at the point that it should be. Personally, I find Spring to be an inspirational time of the year.

There is a line from Snow Patrol’s song, Chasing Cars, that I took a liking to in the Spring of 2014: “Show me a garden that’s bursting into life”.

We are certainly enjoying the green lawns, freshly cleaned and mulched gardens, and newly planted vegetables. It’s been a VERY busy Spring, thus far. Like the gardens, I love to watch our grandchildren, from 1 to 6 years of age. And I enjoy watching their parents navigate the challenges of career, tending to the home, and raising these very precious little people.

And for some reason, while enjoying the fresh newness of the season, birthdays and anniversaries of those who have passed, have me sitting back and remembering enjoyable moments, and wishing / hoping they are able to look down upon us now.

Here is a sampling of what has transpired this Spring. Enjoy.

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