A day out of the office

It isn’t often that I get out of the office to expand the mind — like I used to. It’s a healthy exercise, and I strongly advise it.

Today was Day 1 of the 14th Annual Premier CIO Forum. I think I’ve attended more than 10 of them over the years.

Networking with long time friends and colleages is the number one highlight. I caught up with at least 10 people I hadn’t seen in months, and met a couple new acquaintances.

In terms of sessions:

* Opening Keynote: The Data Problem in 1960 and Today, by Jon Bachman, the son of the father of “the database”. Interesting story.

* Game Changing IT Trends: a FiveYear Outlook panel discussion was relatively low on game-changers, but high on discussion – including ways to engage our “youth” in the process.

* The Simple Solution to Your Complex Integration Challenges: Enterprise Service Bus 101 for .net. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.

* Social Knowledge: Organizational Currencies in the New Knowledge Economy. Ken Russell, PhD —— I enjoyed this luncheon keynote, and picked up an autographed copy of his short book. Now to read it.

* Business & IT Alignment: Evolving vs. Responding – panel discussion. Good panel, but not quite what I was looking for. I’m not sure what I gleaned from this discussion.

* What If – by Larry Snodgrass – Survivor of USAirways flight #1549 – the Miracle of the Hudson. If nothing else, this was a powerful story, punctuated by 20 or so pictures not shared via the media before. The story had the same happy ending, but we got a much closer look into the experience from a passanger point of view.

Tomorrow is the wrap for this two-day conference, held in King of Prussia. — I didn’t have to fly……….

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