What’s your rabbits foot?

I am the parent of three wonderful daughters. All of them have been involved in sports throughout their lives, which is great.

The oldest is began gymnastics at 3 years of age, and she hung with it through a Division I career. She was particularly nervous about one upcoming meet. On the way to the gym on meet day, we passed a quaint covered bridge that we always admired. To ease the moment, I said, “Oh, Great Bridge, please bless Kristin with your grace, beauty and power for this meet.”

it worked! She kept her nerves at bay and had a super-fantastic meet. We repeated the ritual regularly, for both home and away meets.

This evening, on the eve of a major presentation, Kristin and I were communicating, and we pitched an Old Great Bridge. I’m sure that she will do well, tomorrow.

What works for you?

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