The Reverend Kenneth L. Beale, Sr.

Reverend Beale was pastor of Jarretown United Methodist Church from 1959 to 1982, almost 34 years – and remained active for many more! We moved into the community during the Winter of 1966, and joined the church. His sons, Ken and Keith were younger, but close in age to me, so he was pretty in tune with managing teenage boys.

He married Alison and I. He married Susan and Rodney, and Cindy and Bill.
He baptized two of my three daughters, Kristin and Meghan.
And, in retirement, he introduced us to the concept of a Celebration of Life, while conducting the service following my Father’s passing in 1998. I’ve always been impressed by that.

Unfortunately, Mom said that he promised to perform her service, too! But, at 89, he didn’t make it.
He touched so many of our lives – you wonder how many other families and lives were touched over his lifetime.
We said thanks, and goodbye during his celebration June 4, 2016.

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