Off to Vancouver and Alaska Thursday, 7-14-2016

This is a Thursday, and Alison wanted me home from work, ASAP, so we can get our next adventure started. Well…., I didn’t leave the office until 5:30 – but I felt good about how I left things with the team.

Lauren and Charlie got home from a day-trip to Cape May, just before I got home. We had some dinner, finished packing the bags and loading them into the Pilot, and drove down to the Airport Marriott. This makes the 3rd time, I believe, that we’ve stayed overnight at the Airport Marriott due to early morning flights. We certainly don’t get to enjoy the hotel stay, but it does wonders for relieving the stress on getting up and out of the house on-time to make a 5:50 AM flight!

I checked us in using the Marriott App – telling them that we’d be there around 8PM – and we were. It really did simplify the check-in process, so we’ll do that one again.

The alarm was set for 3AM. We ate our chocolate pudding cups for dessert, and put blueberries and yogurt on ice for our early morning breakfast; got ready for bed, and we were asleep shortly after 9PM.

Thank you, Lauren and Charlie!

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