We are in Stockholm, Sweden

View from our room at the Radisson BLU Waterfront Hotel
View from our room at the Radisson BLU Waterfront Hotel

We left the house at 1pm, September 11th, and, yes, we too remembered the 12th anniversary. The flight on the US Airways A330 to Frankfurt, Germany took about 7 hours and was pretty smooth.

Our layover was about 3 hours, we had to go through security, again, a surprise change in gate and a long hike from A01 to A23, and we bussed out to the Lufthansa A321, for the 1 hour 50 minute flight to Stockholm. There was surprisingly no immigration or customs to go through.

The ticket machines to purchase train tickets on the 20 minute Arlanda Express gave us fits – credit cards with chips and pin#, like Canada, but we found a counter and easily caught the train – even with the luggage.

The hotel is only a block or so away from Central Station, so that was easy. We checked in at 1pm. M&B weren’t around (arrived the day before, so we went on a walk-about. Gorgeous day.

When we got back to the hotel, we showered and relaxed, then connected with M&B for another extended walkabout and dinner. We were going to try a recommended restaurant, but with a 90 minute wait, we bagged that idea and ate in the hotel.

Sleep wasn’t far behind.

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