Sailing to Victoria, BC – Sea Day Monday, July 25, 2016

Our first beautiful sunrise of the trip, in my opinion. Scott, meet the Laundry Room. I was the first in this morning, at 6AM. Yay!

We had our first beautiful sunrise this morning
Finally, a beautiful sunrise for a day at sea

It was a busy morning. We attended an iPad Tips and Tricks, iOS 9 session, at 9, and I actually learned a couple things that I can use. That was followed at 10 by a presentation by Alex Murphy, our Geography professor, on “British Columbia’s Rich Cultural Tapestry”, which was followed at 11 by Dr. Bob Donaldson’s “Threats in the Twenty-first Centruy – Part III” Where should America and Its Western Allies Go from Here, and Why Does It Seem So Difficult to Move Forward?” Serious stuff.

We changed into our Dock Rockers Intl t-shirts and went up to Palm Court on Deck 12 for the Team Trivia contest. Ouch! We looked Super-Fantastic, but did NOT score well today. Boo.

Some of us read up on the sun deck. Some blogged. Some rested. Good day for all of the above.
Alison and I made sure to hit Deck 7 to get past our 10,000 steps for the day. – sunny and warm on the starboard side; shady and definitely cooler on the port side.

Dinner in the Main Dining Room, at table 41. We have made fast friends of Vinod, Joseph, and Deborah – not to mention the senior staff. One more night with them.

11,304 Steps today.

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