Our first day at sea – September 20th

Prior to today, Friday, September 20, 2013, we sail, arrive in a new port and hop off on an excursion – lasting anywhere from 4 to 18 hours before getting back on-ship. And, we’ve been dealing with time changes on a regular basis, jumping ahead of Philadelphia by 6 hours when we landed in Stockholm, to 7 hours ahead in Helsinki, to 8 hours ahead in Russia and the Baltic States, down to 7 hours in Riga, and down to 6 when we arrive in Germany tomorrow morning.

So, with all we’ve done, so far, a day at sea is basically a day to recuperate. We “slept in” and didn’t go down to breakfast in the Grand Dining Room until after 8am, sat on the balcony and read for a couple hours, attended a lecture on Baltic Amber – did you know that the “good stuff” is 20 million years old? We had lunch in the Grand Dining Room, read, slept, worked for a bit. The Ghigliones invited us over for champagne and trivia before dinner, and Alison swept both games – I came in last. We went down for a late dinner at 8:30 or so – in the Grand Dining Room, and we are busy wrapping up our evening and heading to bed.

Our colds are progressing. I had the latest start and my nose is running like a water fall. Ugh!

So, I finished my first book of the trip, and will begin the next tonight. We have to check in tomorrow morning at 7:05 for our excursion to Berlin. All-in-all, a 13 hour day, including 6 hours of bus travel.

Good night all.

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