Organizational Transformation

When you are brought into a new leadership position, most organizations expect a change for the better; a transformation. When an organization is considered a “train wreck”, it is often easier than stepping in for a departed or elevated popular leader with a track record of accomplishment. One thing is for certain, it spells opportunity.

The 2013 Philadelphia Eagles have a new Defensive Coordinator; a 21 year veteran of the NFL, Bill Davis. The Eagles defense has fallen from its perceived peak under the late Jim Johnson, and in need of a new identity under Chip Kelly and Bill Davis.

The Eagles open their 2013 campaign on Monday Night Football against division rival, Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III. “I know this, wherever we start against Washington, good or bad or somewhere in the middle, it has to continue to get better by the 16th [last] game,” Davis said. “No matter what I wish for or what I want, [that] doesn’t matter. The game will show us who we are.”

Agreed. The performance on the field or in the office day in and day out demonstrates who you are, at that point in time. Everything you do as a leader – strategically, tactically, personnel enhancements and training, and execution will, hopefully, demonstrate the improvement and transformation you are seeking.

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