I joined the dark side, and bought a MacBook Pro

I never thought that I’d actually do it, but I bought my first MacBook in 2015. Am I totally new to Apple? No. I’m on my 3rd iPhone (the iPhone 6), and I’m also an iPad owner, and I’ve been happy with these products. 

But why leave Windows for something totally different? I’ll tell you why. At home, I was using Windows XP on my desktop, and Windows 7 on my personal and work laptops, and Windows 8.1 on my mother’s all-in-one. And, frankly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through another migration to Windows 10, and whatever that brings to the table. 

What did I want? 
1. something thin and light – and I like the MacBook with its SSD
2. something simple – granted, I don’t know a LOT about the Apple applications environment, but I like what I’ve seen on the iPad / iPhone, and the integration intrigues me
3. something that boots quickly – again, love that SSD
4. a laptop that doesn’t fry my thighs or blows me away with cooling fans

Will I love it? – only time will tell, but I’m warming up to my new environs.