Fog Horn Monday 7-18-2016

We woke up around 5AM, still not adjusted to the timezone, but not far off. Outside, it was about 54 degrees and you couldn’t see 50 feet from the ship an any direction. The fog horn was blaring every few minutes, and, on occasion, we could hear a response. The water was as flat as glass, but there was still a sway to the ship.

Alison and I spent far too long connecting to wifi and the associated apps they told us to make use of – argh – but we finally managed it. I signed up for the ATT Wireless Cruise Package, but no sign of that on my iPhone – argh. [ATT gets a reprieve – it showed up later in the day]

We opted for breakfast up on the Lido deck, which was nice and relaxing. Today is a sea day – one of only a couple on this voyage. After breakfast, we started a couple loads of wash and knocked off a 3 mile walk. We moved the wash to the drier, went down for a cup of coffee and took showers.

11:00 – Dr Alec Murphy, professor at the University of Oregon, presented “Land and Life Along the Northwest Coast” – interesting speaker, and we will hear more from him over the next few days.

“Team Trivia”. We called our team Dock Rockers, but only scored 8 out of 15 points – boo – the winner got 13.

Informal lunch up on Lido, which was still cool and somewhat foggy.

Good day for a nap, and we took advantage of that!

3:30 Tea up on Deck 12. Our cabin is on 8 – and per our “policy”, we take the stairs, not the elevator, and amass quite the number of steps that way. And, after, we went up to Deck 13 to tour the gym and spa – not use! Then we returned to Deck 7 and made several more rounds at a more leisurely pace.

In reality, it wasn’t long before it was time to get dressed for dinner at Prego – our only black tie dinner. IT WAS, in a word, Super-Fantastic! Great company. Great wait staff. Great Sommelier. And fantastic food. In fact, we put ourselves on the wait list for a second reservation later in the cruise.

From dinner, on Deck 7, we walked down to the Galaxy Lounge on Deck 6 for the “My Life – The Music of Billy Joel”, starring James Fox, from Wales, with support of the Crystal Orchestra, singers and dancers. What a show! Incredible!

We made the trip up to Deck 8 to our cabin, thoroughly satisfied by the evening. 🙂 For whatever reason, we were reminded to turn our clocks back an hour tonight. I don’t know why, but I’m not arguing.

14,174 Steps

Inner Passage, as the fog cleared
Tea Time – Astoria Quartet in Palm Court – fog is back

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