Copenhagen, Denmark

Alison and the Little Mermaid
Alison and the Little Mermaid

Sunday, September 22, 2013

8:45 is a very respectable excursion departure time.

Bus tour, including a visit to the Little Mermaid statue (1913) – good story.

Guided boat tour for one hour through the canals of Copenhagen – very interesting. Cool and overcast, but not raining, which was a blessing. Ended up at the port, and essentially dropped within very easy walking distance of the Marina. The canal system was beautiful and included many “low bridges” and tight turns throughout. We saw many buildings and pieces of art. One was the Black Diamond, which was the Royal Library – had a 7 degree wall of glass that reflected the water (I wish it were sunny). Tower of Our Savior’s Church – gorgeous winding stairs to the top of the tower – in the wrong direction! Many house boats, colorful houses. Several islands. All-in-all, a marvelous of combination of old and new. We also was the old stock exchange, which had a spire of the 4 dragons. We wrapped up the boat tour by seeing the Little Mermaid again – from the water, this time.

We passed through a pedestrian and biking bridge under construction. The middle portion was not finished due to “a miscalculation”, so they are still working on fixing that so they can finish the bridge.

Movies – last part of the new Star Trek movie and most of Tom Cruise’s new movie (eh), while playing with pictures and snoozing on and off. We opened the balcony curtains to the realization that a live band was playing military marches and one of two South Korean naval vessels had docked in the slip next to ours. This was part of the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War commemorations being run by the UN, South Korean and those allies that helped the effort – including Denmark. We watched as the second ship was escorted in via tug. Very cool. The Marina was slipping away from the dock shortly after.

As we head toward the North Sea and Oslo, Norway, we have heavier weather – winds from the North – and we have not had ANY of this to-date on the trip. The boat is moving about, a bit. This will last throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. We don’t dock until tomorrow morning around 11.

The four of us went down to the happy hour around 5:30 – 2 for 1 – and then moved to our 6:30 reservation at the Red Ginger, the Asian specialty restaurant. It was excellent. On the way back to our room, we heard trivia questions over the speakers on the next deck and decided to enter the four of us as team BG (Bond Ghiglione). We didn’t do too bad, really. After that, it was back to our rooms for a nice night’s sleep.

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