Being there…

Throughout your life or career, have you noticed that some people are just…there…and you feel better for it?

Shortly after starting a new IT leadership position, more than 30 years ago, one of my skeptical employees had a serious crash and recovery of one of her mission critical applications. I hung out with her over the next 36 hours or so, just being there and helping, if asked, and we have been very close friends since.

Attended the funeral for a valued employee’s immediate family? Visited an employee in the hospital? Offered them a ride if their car isn’t working? Give them time off when they NEED the time to address a serious personal issue, or celebrate a significant family event?

Just being there is important. It’s noticed. It’s appreciated.

In my current Project Management role, I hung out with our systems engineers and others while troubleshooting a performance issue. It went into the evening. I gathered my things and returned to say good-night and say thanks, and the reply was “Thank you. We don’t normally get PMs who are willing to hang with us.”

It was worth the investment of a few hours. I learned some additional technical information, I bonded with a new band of brothers, and maybe earned some “cred” for when I need help down the road – personally or professionally.

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